LafamigliaAustralia's favourite range of crusty, golden bake at home breads!

La Famiglia Fine Foods is Australia's No. 1 producer and marketer of garlic breads, servicing the national domestic market. All our products are crafted by tradition and baked with dedication to offer a range of garlic breads as good, if not better, than if you had made them yourself. Innovation and quality was the key to the early success of La Famiglia Fine Foods, with the company daring to be different and offering supermarket buyers a product that was unique from other garlic bread products on the market.

In 1993 La Famiglia Fine Foods in Brisbane was started with nine employees, a small plant and second-hand equipment. Today, the manufacturing plant is three times the size, all equipment is custom-built to ensure the quality and fast turn-around of product and over 100 staff are employed.

Consumers embraced the introduction of the first product, La Famiglia Traditional Style Garlic Loaf which is still horizontally sliced, uses only market fresh butter and herbs, and is ready in just 6 minutes. As the Company's first product, La Famiglia Traditional Style Garlic Loaf quickly secured market leadership and today remains Australia's favourite branded garlic bread. In 1995, our Traditional Style Garlic Loaf was nominated for a prestigious Sial Dor as the most innovative new dairy case product from Australia due to its quality and unique production format. From that point, production quickly moved onto herb bread (again using only fresh herbs), pan bread and garlic slices.

In 1998, La Famiglia moved into the foodservice market, again quickly establishing itself as the product of choice throughout Australia's burgeoning hospitality industry.

In 2005, La Famiglia launched the premium Ciabatta Garlic Bread Range which proved very successful and confirmed Australian's desire for more discerning food products. In October 2005 La Famiglia Fine Foods was acquired by Goodman Fielder Baking Australia.

In 2007, La Famiglia launched Entertainer Slices, Extra Strong Garlic Bread, a Lite Garlic Bread product and the Italian Cheese Melt. This extensive, innovative range of new products widening our scope in chilled specialty breads.

2009 further solidified our position as a market leader and innovative front runner with our launch of Pizza bases and breads that have proved to be a popular addition with our loyal customers. La Famiglia was also recognised by our suppliers, picking up the Supplier of the Year Award from Woolworths and winning an award for Outstanding Service & Performance from Franklins.